langkawi with the drama queens!

i realise that i have known these people for what… almost half my life? more than half my life? doesn’t that totally make me feel so damn old or what!

we’re too sexy for our shirts. to sexy for our shirts. too sexy, yea!

which way to the nude beach?

the infamous muthu bulu babu. did i spell that right? how did we come up with this name, again? i need to write this down somewhere.

wild wild west meets tanjung rhu.

i am almost half disappointed that we did not get to do the whole random russian menu thing. no, really! did anyone take a picture of our fabulous appetizer we shared?

if we were any other random group of people, some of us would be returning back to kl (and labuan) in body bags. it is interesting to see how we have all grown up (!) to be so different people, but still remain drama queens at heart.

yes, drama queens. you should have seen these people back in form five.

annual akurians trip. never a dull moment, that’s what i can say. prospero ano nuevo, mi amigos!

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