they may say i’m a dreamer. but i’m not the only one ~ john lennon

i have only spoken vaguely about my views on this subject post copenhagen. thing is, i am actually still in that state of mind. part of me is still browsing about the web looking for people engaging in negotiations and debating timelines and targets. that glimmer of hope that there are still people talking. that the final conclusions have not yet been drawn. that world leaders are still in that hall talking about how we’re going to save the world.

and then there is the other part of me saying, “so that’s it?” i mean, that’s all there is to it? you take the time to have one of the biggest gathering of world leaders in history – and you come back with an accord? where in so many other ways, so many of you champion the concept of democracy, and yet, when there is argument, you can’t just take a vote on it and tell the minorities to just shut up and buckle up because it is going to be a bumpy ride and you’re in it even if we have to strap you to the seat kicking and screaming… you can’t even do that?

J tells me that it is the realists’ and pessimists’ world out there. i think the world is starved of dreamers.

i think it’s getting way too easy to lose faith these days and i don’t blame a lot of people for it because a lot of things are happening and it could sometimes be just too damn overwhelming. the economic roller coaster. all the politics. people fighting. nit picking. gossiping. it kinda does have the ability to break your spirit like a twig sometimes, kan? and we have been brought up in a world where it is so easy for us to patah semangat over little things. not because we don’t have the capability of being strong. but we have been let down too many times.

so i understand when politicians tak berani take a stand. i understand when they consider things like the economy and politics and economy and oh, politics, before the environment. it’s just that i would have a great more respect for them if they could consider all of that, and still slide the environmental agenda in there somehow. make it a position of global mutual disadvantage. bagi biar semua orang susah sama-sama. because you know all those people screaming outside the COP hall ad all? they got a point too, you know. and breaking that amassed spirit, just does not seem like the right thing to do.

and that is why i am finding it hard to digest that it is over. over until the end of this month when leaders submit proposals – which will be of different ranges and targets and everyone’s going to point fingers all over again. over until they meet again at the end of this year in COP16 to figure out what to do – if they can come to some sort of agreement.

and i am disappointed. but i am not going to start getting bitter about it although, i have to admit that it is damn to be so and for perfectly justifiable reason too. and i know a lot of people who are just saying, fuck it, and that these leaders are never ever going to agree and that everyone is just wasting time.

no, i am going to keep campaigning. i still think there can be a point where some kind of agreement can be reached. and forward of that, actions will be taken. they have to. because this is one cause that is worth having faith in up to the end. because when you concede to the idea that the world is doomed to turn into a giant dim sum someday, and you let it happen, then there really is no point living anymore.

and until that day come, kicking and screaming and all, i do see little bits of hope. recycling bins. the no plastic bag day. climate change awareness campaigns. carbon reduction agendas at the corporate level. yea, i know that a lot of people are just riding the wave. and i am not exactly the biggest fan of baby steps where this subject is concerned. but hey, better than nothing, really. kicking and screaming and all.


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