on bunga telurs and kay poh chees

celebration of malay weddings begin way way way – and i do mean waaay – before the actual ceremony. SH’s family have been practically crawling up the walls by the time we arrived to kay poh help out with the last minute preparations.

somewhere between boiling eggs and twisting delicate wires of the bunga telur, my cousins and i catch up on colourful family gossip. nothing scandalous to report, unfortunately. just who’s working where and how the kids have been.

aunty BB, the family wedding specialist, busies herself over and takes charge of things. when i say wedding specialist, i am deadly serious. she knows every custom and how it should be. every tradition and their names and roots. makes every bunga telur by hand from scratch and knows exactly which grade of egg would fit the different kinds of nettings.

the cousins and i hover a slight fear for aunty BB. oh you know, the aunty that goes around asking you when you are going to get married. every family has one of these kinda aunties.

today, watching aunty BB in action in the zone and completely in her element, i realise a new respect for here. she spent hours alone, making sure every flower petal was perfect and every crease in every piece of fabric used for the pelamin had not a single crease. she decorates every hantaran item with individual attention.


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