and a britney song was on, and a britney song way on! ~ miley cyrus

its was just one of those mornings. sigh. the kind of morning that took extra long to just brush teeth. one of those mornings where you just got to change your outfit four times before it feels just right. one of those mornings where you already got into the car, and then had to get out and open the house up again because terlupa bawak something.

the blonde kinda morning. i am hoping this blonde bug is just a morning episode. i got spanish grammar exam malam ni and i need to have my geek head screwed on for that.

intermediate spanish is no joke and i am wondering if it is just getting too complicated. last night, in an attempt to study for the exam, i showed J how a regular spanish verb can be conjugated at least 25 ways, depending on who you are referring to, and tenses. i am quite sure he has no idea what i was talking about, but politely sat and nodded and smiled between pauses. after teaching him the different uses of por y para, his head landed on the cafe table.

J gave me one of those solar powered plastic potted plant that flapped its leaves up and down. he bought it from a wheelchair bound man selling odd stuff near his house. the guy told us that his welfare assistance is just a little over RM300 a month and it is hard for him to find real work. he lives on his own and has no family.

speaking of which, i wonder if not having a hand is considered a disability. i was reading a story last night about dona jemina. in the story, her father, don artal, was kidnapped by don pedro. as ransom, don pedro asked for dona jemina’s hand. in the end, she cuts her hand and sends it to him in a box saying that he may have her hand, but he can never have her heart.

so typical of latin drama, kan?


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