alien abduction insurance

i kid you not, my friends. the thing really exists. wiki it up. apa lagi, got more than one company that offers it.

the basic policy says that if you can prove that you have been abducted by aliens, you get an insurance payout. and there have been people who have filed claims before, and – check it out – there has been payouts before. at least two.

some of the policies even got clauses for alien impregnation, alien examination, and death caused by aliens. the alien impregnation insurance is available for men also, to account for the unknown capabilities of alien technology.

if you ask me, this is genius. think of all the people who can sleep better at night knowing that if they wake up with diamond shaped bruises ke, microchip implants ke, they will be able to pay for medical attention. or if they need to raise an alien baby, they will be able to ensure that the baby will get a comfortable upbringing and access to good education.

and education, is oh so important these days, ain’t it? ;)


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