verry funny, scotty. now beam down my clothes!

in a talk i attended last week, someone told me that where long distances are concerned, there is absolutely no other means of transportation more eco friendly than flying. PS agrees. he had to be in boston one day, san fran the next, and straight to kuala lumpur to meet me. and of course, anyone can argue about all that jet fuel burn and contrails. but katakan you took the train or the bus or kalau nak drive – now that, is burning, baby.

and then some hero suggests the idea of tele conferences. and i actually considered this, and how it would eliminate the need to travel long distances altogether, and how documentation can be emailed or faxed of file shared via the internet, and everyone in the meeting can install speakers and webcams. and i thought about it again. and i promptly booted the idea out the god damn window.

it is one thing to already have more of a life in cyberspace than in the real world. and though i will always be talking about how people can do so much more to save the environment, what would be so much more tragic is to compromise is good ol’ human interaction. the handshake. the hug. the sarcastic whisper when the speaker is talking up front. to laugh. to taste local food. to dance.

and then JB tells me that the ultimate solution to all this is something that will burn no fuel, cause no contrails, will enable us to travel over massive distances, saves time and be there for all these important events in person. but of course, the transporter! of all the things we have ciplak-ed from star trek technology, can someone please figure out the whole molecular transportation thing, already?

i can think of a million uses for the transporter already. aku boleh bangun lambat for work. kalau ada bangunan terbakar, it will much easier to rescue people. people can get pissed drunk at parties and they won’t have to drive home and the rest of us will not have our cars puked into. airport security lines will be a lot shorter – and i am sure the rocket scientists would configure the transporter to not beam guns etc – they can do that you know, i’ve seen it in one of the captain kirk episodes.

and you know all those times we all whine about having to be at two or three places at the same time? problem solved!

i am pretty sure that you – yes you, reading this blog – knows a friend who knows a friend who knows a friend who knows a friend who is a rocket scientist. the whole six degrees of separation thing. the discovery channel said so. i highly suggest that you start making some important calls now.

6 thoughts on “verry funny, scotty. now beam down my clothes!

  1. Tele conferencing doesn’t really work because of differing timezones. Which some do you all have to agree with? The bosses or the workers? Maybe you can play one two zoom for it!

    Teleportation is a brill idea. But don’t want to be zapped into a ‘Brundle fly’ (see The Fly). How about we if we could talk to turtles and find out their migratory routes, we can hitch a ride on their leatherbacks ala Nemo style!

  2. Svllee:
    i think turtle migratory drift routes is such an awesome idea, but i would not give up having dinosaur drinks with you for even that kinda thrill :)

    i know. i miss kampua mee in sibu!

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