hunka hunka burning lurve

i pull up at the security checkpoint. while waiting for my card to be scanned by the machine, the officer standing by smiles at me.

elvis, he says. i nod. as i drive away after the scan, i see him happily humming the tune to himself, his senior officer giving him funny looks.

next time, i will turn the CD player down up just a little bit more before i wind my window down :)


2 thoughts on “hunka hunka burning lurve

  1. my reply to your fb message:

    “damn, that’s harsh. must really suck being all the way in klia with no condolences”

    btw, how the hell do you find the time to blog?? ok, in retrospect that sounds like a dumb question after your confession about those annoying and *apparently* addictive fb games.

    but i’d really love to start blogging again. ther was an enthusiastic but short-lived stint waaaay back when.. but i just couldnt be bothered and then found that there were too many things to do and see to have time to write about stuff.

    i miss writing. guess i should start again soon eh? well being the Great Procrastinator that i am, tomorrow’s always there, rite?

  2. take away fb, all messengers, flickr, all photo sharing networks and all i have left is this blog :P

    you should definitely start writing. i love your works. in the mean time, you’re absolutely welcomed to be a guest blogger on this blog. just to get you into the swing of things.

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