useful information: how to made a zombie blood stained shirt

if you have not yet heard of the record breaking thrill the world dance tribute to michael jackson, then SHAME ON YOU. you know what to do now, right? go and google it up lar. duh. and make sure you see the youtube vids. they rock.

so anyway, i spent a day digging up this number from the dungeons of my old closet. it is an old shirt that accidentally went into the washing machine with a red shirt months ago and got ruined like that. and so i thought i’d pimp it up for the dance tribute. here are the results:

not bad, kan? nampak macam horror, kan? and here’s the best part: it don’t cost a thing, people. here is what you need to do to create your own zombie blood stained shirt:

  • best thing is to do what i did. find a bright red shirt that bleeds. pop it in the washing machine with the shirt you want to pimp. now here’s the trick, after the spin cycle, don’t go and dry the clothes immediately. leave it in the machine overnight with all the clothes jumbled up together. depending on how bright your original red shirt is and how strong your washing detergent is, memang cofirm your baju will turn out all patchy.
  • the thing is, sometimes, you don’t get the red patches where you want it to be, so resort then to plan-B. take a basin or a shallow bucket and line the bottom using the bleeding red shirt. next, pour in boiling hot water, just enough to thinly cover the shirt. then, dab parts of the shirt you want to zombi-fy into the hot water. it gets darker when you dab it longer. warning: don’t dip your whole zombie shirt in! you will simply get a pink shirt if you buat macam tu.
  • to make the runny blood lines, follow plan-B. after dabbing the shirt, lift it by the collar and let the water run to the edge of the shirt. be careful at this part. you can also pour the water from the bucket onto the shirt but again, be careful. this is also an effective method to end up with a pink shirt. you want to look like a zombie. not a ballerina. a ballerina zombie – now that would be something!
  • blood lines should run vertical. not horizontal. unless your zombie is… wait… hm… i got nothing. there is no reason at all for the lines to run horizontal. seriously.
  • thing about using another shirt to bleed into another is that the colour tends to get slightly lighter as it dries. so you’ll have to do it several times to get dark effects. good news is, you’ll be left with layers of colours. testimony to your long and prosperous career as a zombie.
  • important tip if you suddenly end yourself with a pink shirt: soak in pure hot water immediately. cross your fingers.

i will be experimenting on how to make wound marks on the shirt. will let you know how it goes. i’m thinking coffee stains. those are pretty vicious, right?

update: here’s a formula for fake blood: custard powder + the cheapest rose syrup you can find at the kedai runcit + kicap. no kidding.


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