it’s getting hot in here. so take off all your clothes!

i used to be able to tell for sure that malaysia has two well defined seasons: one that is wet, and one that is wetter. this was the reality for this sun-kissed country right on the equator (because i also have people asking me where malaysia is). that’s how you used to describe a tropical south east asian country – by the rain.

but things really are not the way they used to be. you have no idea how saying that makes me feel so old. but it is just a few years ago when i can say that the first half of the year is hot and the second half of the year is monsoon. and i really should not feel old about it because crazy weather changes are not supposed to happen in just a few years, right? i mean, it is one of those millions and millions of years kinda evolution kinda thing or something like that. rite?

and so, people ask me what i become concerned about the weather and the environment and carbon these past few years. and it is not something that happened over night. but suddenly, i find that if i want to go diving in july, it might rain at the east coast islands. and then there are times when i want to go to the islands in september, the corals are experiencing bleaching and so they turn white. and die. and here i am trying not to get my feet torn to shreads by broken corals.

and then there are flash floods in kuala lumpur. which means traffic jam. and i know that a lot of people blame city planning, but i bet the city planners did not count on it raining so heavily all of a sudden all year round.

but that’s what’s happening. it’s raining like crazy all year round now.

i was in europe a few months back. it was supposed to be spring. by calculation, the middle of spring to be exact. and paris rained on me. like three days straight. so much for seeing anything from the effiel tower.

and from there, i travelled to barcelona, which is just south of france and got seriously baked in the sun. it was so hot, i have not seen so many sun burnt people walking in a single town in my life. i was burnt and peeling. someone tells me that there is something weird in the weather. it is not supposed to be so hot in spring. it is summer come early. people are already heading out to the beaches. dude, if this is spring, i cannot imagine how hot it would be in the summer.

the weird weather is not easy for the traveller. it affects the nature of the entire trip. when to go. what to do. what to pack. oh my god, you have no idea how hard it is for the poor backpacker, especially, when you don’t pack the right stuff.

and so i am hosting a series of events come the end of the month. and my delegates are already asking me what the weather will be like in KL. and i would like to say that it will rain and pack your ponchos and brollys. but is it just me or has it just been ridiculously hot in KL these days? like the kind of heat that makes you want to take a shower four times a day kinda heat.

hello? rain?

so here’s the deal. even if you don’t care about the environment, you got to face the reality that all this crazy weather that we’re having is something that is so totally menyusahkan. i cannot function as well. i want to travel but all my travel plans can be washed out just like that because it is too wet or too rainy when it is not supposed to.

and i know people out there that say that it is one of those things that we cannot significantly do anything about. well friends, i would go down fighting, man. i refuse to sit here not doing anything. even if i don’t achieve anything, and really, what can one girl do to save the world, i would sleep better at night knowing that i did something. anything. and i did all i could.

and one day when my children’s children ask me what i did, i will have stories to tell them. i am a writer, see? :) stories about the places i have been and people i met. stories about all the crazy adventures i had and experiences of growing up in the 80s and living it up in the new millennium. most of all, i would be able to tell them that i tried to save the world. and i really do.

i am trying to save the world. ain’t that something.


4 thoughts on “it’s getting hot in here. so take off all your clothes!

  1. looking at the title above , i was expecting some sort of nudity in here .:-)

    I was in sweeden a few years back and it was such a green country and very2 clean.there is no skyscraper and even the river which flow within the city center is very2 clean . On the contrary , malaysia is more concern on building the tallest and the biggest with less emphasis on the environment and urban plannning.

    but i can’t blame the government as they are always being measured by the GDP number.

  2. che-cheh:
    I KNOW!!! this is exactly the weather that makes people demam all the time :P

    i was in laos twice and it is one of my favourite countries in SEA for its underdevelopment and environmental tranquility!

  3. i understand what you mean , i was in vientiane also few years back and rented a bicycle for sightseeing and it was very peaceful.People there are poor but i see more smiles there than anywhere else in the world.
    I had stayed in ANOU HOTEL vientiene near the mekong riverbank and i enjoy waking up early and just stroll along the mekong riverbank and watching the monks receiving their alms.Vientiane is one of those places where you could see chicken running wild right in the middle of the city center.I was there 7-8 years back and i’m still not sure wheter things are still the same.longing to go to LUANG PRABANG

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