there is enough for everybody’s need. there is not enough for everybody’s greed. ~ gandhi

in my social circles, i have been listening for months now how badly our economy has been crippled. how bad times are. how people got to tighten their belts. how companies are retrenching and jobs are hard to hang on to. bla bla bla.

and here’s what i say about it: all of you saying that the world has gone bad just don’t know what bad is. and i have a very easy way of proving this to you. go to any gerai makan or mamak or food stall or even fancy restaurant. that is how you can tell for sure. because as long as people don’t finish their food on their plates, that is as long as we are NOT in some sort of crisis.

people say times are bad, but we still put more food on our plates than we can finish. we still put too much rice. we are still greedy with our food portions. we still push away plates of half eaten food when we are done. and we continue to do this over and over again day by day by day.

seriously, man. you know how much you can handle. if you are not able to finish, then don’t take so much in the first place.

and i am not saying there is anything wrong with eating a lot. as long as you know that you can finish the food, go ahead and heap it up. nothing wrong there. i have an ex that ate rice by the mountains. i am serious. but he always finished his food. because he knew he could.

and don’t give me that crap about dah kenyang so cannot makan any more. then don’t take so much in the first place, DUH! and don’t give me that bull that you can’t help the portion. everywhere i go, i can tell the mamak or the makcik at the gerai to kurang nasi. or bagi nasi setengah. and they are too happy to oblige.

you want to know the biggest nonsense i have ever heard? when someone takes a big portion of food and claims that they nak rasa saja. just to taste? you need to take a heap of the thing and all you want to do is nibble a taste of it?!

there are one billion people going hungry in the world everyday this year. i bet you did not know that. i bet you don’t think of them when you are pushing away your half eaten plate of rice and half eaten piece of fried fish and the vegetables that you say don’t taste so nice so you won’t eat them. i bet you don’t know that more than half of the one billion hungry people in the world everyday are asians. our neighbours.

so here’s some food for thought on this rainy tuesday morning. lunch is in about two and a half hours (for some of us, anyway). think about this on your way to the cafeteria this afternoon.


6 thoughts on “there is enough for everybody’s need. there is not enough for everybody’s greed. ~ gandhi

  1. reminds me of that old chinese saying….if you dont have such a big head, dont take such a BIG hat! hehhehe

    if someone can content in their life, then he/she does not feel the need for greed.

  2. someone told me that it is human nature to waste. i refuse to believe this. i think it is human nature to be lazy.

  3. i think u are right.people should think before taking so much food and then leaving it!!people are careless and lazy and they don’t care about anything except luxuries!!it is high time that they civilize themselves!

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