¡nosotros vivimos para comer!

someone told me today that people with different blood type are encouraged to eat different types of food. and i’m intrigued. it actually does explain why different people are affected differently even if they eat the same kind of food.

and so i did a web search and found out that our blood have evolved differently through time, depending on the human evolution. it starts with the people with O-blood type. this is found to be the oldest blood type in the world (evolved around 40,000 BC). think cavemen. and they are meat-eaters. they need high protein, meat diets and low carbs, low wheat products and low dairy products. mana ada cavemen makan roti and minum susu? get it? :)

the A-blood type is the next stage in evolution. evolved between 25,000 and 15,000 CC. they are agrarians. farmers. petani yang maju. apparently, these people usually cannot take too much mean ad have low tolerant for lactose products. the classic vegetarian diet works best for them. think whole grain. legumes. fruits. veggies. cereals. and pasta!

and then, somewhere between 15,000 and 10,000 BC, the B-blood type was evolved. and this blood type people found a balance between eating meats and veggies. they can take anything. but of course, you cannot simply belasah any kind of food. you need to try to avoid gluten based, wheat based and wheat germ based foods because they can cause a drop in your blood sugar level. B-blood type kinda people have to strike a balance in the food they eat because they can and must.

and then there is the AB-blood type. here’s some quick fun facts: it only evolved about a thousand years ago and only about five percent of the population have this. you see, the world evolved. people with AB-blood type enter the generation of processed food and need to be very careful with balancing their diets. especially where meats are concerned. it is also recommended that they take supplements to help digestion.

macam interesting, kan? i got O-blood type. i have been a blood donor for years. i’ve always wondered about why O-blood type people can donate to others but can only receive from fellow O-types. the whole evolution thing makes sense – everyone else is mutated!!! :P


5 thoughts on “¡nosotros vivimos para comer!

  1. Very interesting. I’m AB the paling mutated one. Haha I think because we are the paling mutated one we can receive from all the blood types.

  2. From one O blood donor to another!
    LOL – I think it’s the security of knowing at least they have your blood in storage :P

  3. Interesting.i have an AB type of blood.Which explain all the special powers that i have .Now everything makes perfect sense .I’m a MUTANT , ha ha ha

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