… because your mom said we could!

poor RC. always victimised by the akurians. kena again on the last day of this bachelor-hood last weekend.

and this time, we went beyond water. kena tepung lagi.

see the happy lady laughing kat belakang tu? that’s RC’s mom. such a wonderfully sporting lady. pakat with us for the first two pranks on RC dulu. makes way for the tepung extravaganza pulak. aunty, you rock!

only thing is, this time, my plan kinda backfired. UNCLE TK PUNYA PASAL. i found out that he went to send a text to everyone to get to me also. did i hear “revenge” somewhere in the conversation? YOU’RE SO ON MY HIT LIST NOW.

before i knew what was going on, my vision was clouded by a bucket of water bearing UNCLE and a puff of tepung. i wasn’t really reading labels when i bought the tepung. only later, aunty told me that i had acquired six kilos of sticky chapati tepung.

so UNCLE, you have officially validated a string of strange and unusual forms of surprise gags that can and will cause several levels of psychological disorders. ask RC. he’s a long term victim. since he’s married now, maybe we might not kenakan him too much anymore. we are on the lookout for a new victim.

in the words of an accomplice prankster, permission to go point blank! consider yourself warned.


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