a man in love is incomplete until he is married. then he’s finished. ~ zsa zsa gabor

TK, you have absolutely no idea how tempted i am to relate our near death experience right at this space right here. how you told the police that you were a factory worker from melaka who borrowed a friend’s car and driving in KL for the first time in many years. how you drove against oncoming traffic near jalan sultan ismail, stopped to ponder for awhile, and started reversing into the red lights. how you walked 150 meters down the wrong road with a giant photo frame. how you drove us halfway to cheras before realising that you were following the wrong car home.

i wanted to dedicate a whole post to just that incident. but i won’t. see how nice i am? :)

thus is the fun filled trip to RC and SL’s wedding dinner. everything about is was bizzare – but not in the bad way ;). from the vegetarian sides that RC so kindly got for me, just in case i did not approve of the spicy buttered prawns or the patin steamed in black bean paste etc. to that naughty champagne cork that simply refused to take flight.

the photo project that took forever to complete. RC, we will be doing house inspections from time to time. remember the message at the back.

when the yam sengs started to go around, we were pretty cocky. we knew that we would be the absolute loudest and longest and let me tell you this, we were. there was this aunty who came to join us and stood next to me and i think she’s deaf in the left ear after that session.

2 thoughts on “a man in love is incomplete until he is married. then he’s finished. ~ zsa zsa gabor

  1. Yup, it was definately bizarre. Hope u liked the extra vegetarian dishes hahaha…it was on promo anyway ;)

    The cork…no comment. Seriously. WTF.

    And yup, we were DEFINATELY the loudest…and that aunty didnt go deaf, she went mental after that. Hospital visits are compulsory after this. Sigh.

  2. wat the heck ray, if i’m not mistaken..that’s ur mom in law…

    & “THANK YOU” maj…i’m prepared to hear this story over n over again in tis lifetime including the teluk intan mee & others

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