‘coz people got, me got me questioning, where is the love?

J and i don’t like crowds. you won’t find us going for just any concerts.

weirdly though, we happened to be in the mood for this one. don’t ask me why. not going to tell you anyway.

we got there early. in fact, i think we were one of the earliest ones to get there. belum start pun kita dah masuk. masa tu, hari masih terang and there were still doing sound checks.

and because we were so awal, we got to go really near the stage. the view from up front started nice and roomy and gradually became a madhouse for body slapping action.

i made a sign to flash up for the BEP performance :)

dear organisers, please find non-yuppie MCs for your future events. these three border dangerously between irritation to just asking for footwear to be thrown to them.

danny one. i am not going to comment on his choice of nickname. i am sure that if i understand a bit more chinese, i will be completely able to appreciate his rap. no, i mean it.

reshmonu. whom i think should come back down to earth, por favor. why is his gambar like that? because i was using a normal point and shoot camera, duh.

joe flizzow. who should find a genre he likes and stick to it. i can appreciate the experimental attempt, tho, since they were as bite sized as it gets. his dancers are way awesome, however. *claps*

mc hotdog. taiwanese. remember what your mother told you about judging a book by the cover, or a rapper by his nickname. he actually had one song that has a good beat to it and i throughly enjoyed. i’ll give him that much.

and then of course, the BEP. oh, there were other bands before that also. manhand and mj116.

oh. kay.

that is really how i actually felt. BEP were publicised to much for this event and is the reason why so many turned up. it is also probably the reason why you are here reading this post. you want to see the BEP. for some of us who turned up so early, the act took so long to come on. given the publicity.

but what the heck, yang penting, they eventually took to the stage. the crowd went loco.

so, i got pictures from the arthur’s day celebration in sunway last weekend.

i know the controversy. how come i got almost close up photos? how come my photos came out clear? how come i even got photos in the first place?

no, i did not use a dslr with a telephoto lens, if that is what you are asking.

it is because J and i almost died of suffocation wrestling with the hoards of people near the stage. and because for every one clear shot i got, i have about three dozen completely blurred out ones. that’s all there is to it.

remember what yo momma said, if you want it, you got to earn it. oh. my. god. there were crazy people up in the front of the stage. insane, i tell you.

and i think fergie is actually cuter on tv. she looks kinda frazzled that night. but her, i was the one getting elbowed on every conceivable direction.

will.i.am reliving his dj alter ego. i swear, when he played journey’s don’t stop believing, he and me got a connection. i think i was the only one among the sea of front stage yuppies who knew the words to that song.

J and i could not take the insanity up front till the end. we squeezed our way out of there long before BEP ended their gig. i think i’m getting old.

J told me that taboo saw my poster sign. he said he looked directly at me for some time.

and that, my dear friends, totally made my night.


4 thoughts on “‘coz people got, me got me questioning, where is the love?

  1. It was an AWESOME night when BEP came on and that’s an understatement. I wanted to bring my G10 but had second thoughts as I was told it was not allowed. Didn’t have any compact, so I was stuck with a camera that is nor compact or DSLR.

    You’re right, when the JOURNEY song came on, many stopped moving, except Mel and I as we screamed our lungs out – “Just a small town girl living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere”!!!


  2. u know i think i got to agree with u a little eenie tiny bit, yr post started up with a little excitement but somehow along the way yr enthusiasm wasnt enuf to last u thru the night. perhaps u r not getting old but u r now at a different phase in yr life? a little ot of place that night?

  3. gallivanter:
    you know, i’ve reinstated journey in my mp3 player playlist since that night :)

    ya, i think you’re right. the phase that appreciates a good night’s sleep rather than an all night party. *sigh!*

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