undang-undang jalan raya

hey people,

so over cake last night, me, AN, TK and JT discussed what we would do for RC’s wedding present and figured two projects altogether. this is the first project:

photo collage project:

everyone holds part of the message like in the above picture. since you divas are perpetually super busy, take the photo at your own time and email it to me. i will edit the photos and turn it into a giant long collage that looks like that :)

if you are free this saturday night, you can come and join the rest of us to take photos together. holla me for the address.

if you are taking the photo yourself, here are some things to remember:

you can do any pose you want. you can have more than one person in your picture and have your family, uncles, aunties, pets etc in the photo is you want. up to you.

tolong pastikan yang gambar anda tidak blur.

photo should be VERTICAL.

hold up your sign with your designated words. to know what is your designated word, match your numbers with these words:

ada dua set. don’t know yet which will look good so we’re going for two.

bila sudah siap, email to me :)

i will edit and join all the photos together to create one big long photo collage thing. i will make a mount for me so it looks nice, and if you all pay up, i can make a frame for it lagi. nak bayar lebih pun boleh.

when done, it should look like this:

only with more beautiful people because we’d be in it :))

tarikh tutup penyertaan: hari kedua raya. sorry la but i need time to do editing and processing jugak.

anything please call me. no, seriously.

second project: music video project. ini project, tolong talipon AN. she is project manager for that one.


One thought on “undang-undang jalan raya

  1. malang.. tadi kena langgar oleh sebuah motor dari belakang.. sekiranya dia jalan terus, benarkah dia harus mengambil bahagian kiri??? kenapa dia bergerak di bahagian kanan sesebuah lane?

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