office of unfettered omniscience – how may i help you, o fortunate one? ~ penelope garcia

this morning, i was told that the future of communication is technology. in the future, he tells me, you won’t need to see people face to face anymore. i will be able to extract all the data i need though a new integrated data management system.

what if i want to meet people face to face? i asked.

now why would you want to do that? he replied.

i’ve been hearing a lot lately about how social networking over the internet is taking over people’s lives. just a coupla days ago, i heard over the radio how some kids got stuck in a drain in adelaide, and instead of calling their family or police for help, they sent an s.o.s. message via facebook.

just a few weeks back, i was in the forest with some friends and a group of singaporeans come to join us. obviously, there is no electronic signal of any kind in the hutan right, well you should see these two girls suffering from chronic internet withdrawals! they became maniac cranks that snapped at everything. every time our group went on walkabout, they would be checking their phone signals for wifi.

i need to update my blog… i need to update my blog… my readers! omg, i will lose all my readers!!! one girl mutters over and over again.

and she becomes depressed and got no appetite and complains about mosquitoes and the cold water and the humidity and the mud and all the trees. nasib baik la they join us only for two nights. any more than that and she would be psychologically incurable.

this girl is proof that there are people out there whose entire lives have gone techno cyber. there is almost no character, no personality left to her physical being in the real world, but people love her online. apparently.

there is just something so wrong here. and i’m not just saying about the young-lings. i got a retired uncle who cannot get enough out of his new iphone 3G and has spent the past month downloading music and snapping photos and surfing though different applications.

and i fear that i might someday be swallowed by this revolution. not because i can’t live without technology (because i would happily go on forever without checking emails etc). but because everyone else has gone digital and i would be sucked in just to keep up with them.

and the day will come when it is deemed anti-social not to be a cyber geek.


3 thoughts on “office of unfettered omniscience – how may i help you, o fortunate one? ~ penelope garcia

  1. You are so right about all these instant faceless communication..its SO fun isn’t it.! Still, won’t give up the dinosaur tarek sessions with you..

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