is it weird in here or is it just me? ~ stephen wright

esta lluvia. yo quiero a dormir pero no. tengo trabajar. sigh.

today has just been the weirdest.

in the morning, someone in our workspace left one japanese song on loop when he left for a damn long meeting. its one of those super euphoric happy la la la songs. the kind that make you think of fluffy pink bunnies that are so cute, you’d wish they’d just explode. it looped over and over again for about three and a half hours before someone decided to intrude into his station and destroy the damn thing.

my work mates are too polite.

and about twenty minutes ago this afternoon, all the telephones in our entire workspace decided to ring simultaneously. when we picked up the phone, it continued to ring. and it rang and rang and rang and did not stop until we decided to pull all the wires out of the sockets.

the office is quiet again but we’re disconnected from the world now.

i wish my sense of humour is working right about now because i would really like to end this post with something that sounds smart. i blame low sugar level.

happy birthday, malaysia.


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