that saturday we played manchester united in the july of ’09

jangan jealous, but i actually got pretty awesome tickets for the first manchester united vs malaysia (xi) match last weekend. just how awesome? front row, dah-links. just behind the manchester bench.

now don’t go about calling me a reds fan just yet because i ain’t (nah nah nah nah nah!). i am, by principle, a supporter or any team that manchester united plays at any given moment. especially and ESPECIALLY in this case, malaysia, and i really cannot care any less about what you think of them. i think support for local teams takes an importance beyond the politics. we can bitch all we want about corruption and some people’s intelligence all we want locally, but that does not mean that we don’t stand behind our flag in games.

my sister wore red to the game. because it represents both malaysia and manchester. sigh. neutrality. the easy response. XY tells me that he supports whoever wins that day. how typically kiasu.

anyways, there are advantages and disadvantages of sitting front row and almost center. for one, i am like less than a fifty meters to the field. my photos, ahem, as you can see, came out quite cun. down side is, my view is blocked by giant speakers and press people and other people walking about the sidelines.

for a person who hardly watches football (oh pick your jaw off the floor and get over yourself), it was a pretty interesting game. and in my opinion, the two goals malaysia scored that evening was pretty respectable. the first one was sheer luck but because it was so sudden and perfectly executed, the stadium went absolutely mad. it was awesome. and the second goal, well we bloody well earned that one, if you ask me. the goalkeeper slipped and fell, and in that moment, yahya decide to go for it. and that instant decision paid off! i did not see the monday match but i think we played a respectable game on saturday.

after malaysia evened up the score 2-2 with manchester, i turned to my brother and sister and told them, that’s it. manchester is coming back full force now for revenge! i mean, duh, i would. i honestly could not tell if they played full or half force, but didn’t the fans come out here to see them show off anyway? i spent the whole week listening to manchester united fans telling radio DJs how the reds are going to belasah the malaysian team on the field. someone even predicted 6-0?

last last, they did put one more goal in, but then again, you kinda expect that la. the one thing i am actually happy with is that people left the stadium not saying how awfully disappointing our local team is, even if its just the (xi) team. that’s something, you know.

just one thing la, the announcer that evening was terrible. he got the pronunciation wrong. he got the grammar wrong. and sikit jer lagi, he would have gotten the players’ names wrong. sigh!

the obligatory proof of purchase picture. so i actually had a fun outing. J thinks that the sunglasses makes him look cool. oh and fyi, i was wearing the black FAM harimau malaya t-shirt. well, duh!

i leave you with this last picture of a tackle during the game. obviously, the picture is cropped but this is not a photo competition i’m entering. check out the legs, man!

have a chill weekend, folks! :)


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