the year i followed a band

this would be my fourth RWMF and what can i say, i feel old. last year, i was up front and center without my shoes. this year, i am just happy to sit back and enjoy the music from afar. not slammed by sweaty bodies. not soaked in mud.

this year, i chill. i think this is the aging process. a transformation in the definition of fun. i am not sure if i’m completely okay with it, which does not mean that i’m not comfortable at it. i know, it is complicated like that.

the MC says its the first rainforest world music mask festival. i think they should change the MC. i have thought that they should change the MC for the last four years.

i think that following a band this year makes up for a new kinda excitement. lots of behind the scenes and all that. there are a bunch of people that i did not get a chance to or forgot to take photos with. i wish i did, i really do.

the one posing in our hotel room is LN, who insists that the black sarung with pinkish purplish flowers does not make him look gay. the one who looks like he just got electrocuted is AJ, his cousin.

they may look like they need special attention but they are two pretty decent guys. picked me up from the airport and made sure i had my water when i got back and all :)

it is LN and AJ’s friends that make me somewhat worried. these are two who i met up with on the second day of the festival. i assure you that it was only shortly after this scene, that they got completely intoxicated. or so i was unfortunately told.

GL, who is now officially a compact camera convert. yay!

that is my annual picture with ML, who i mean annually at RWMF. and that is LS, who after all these years, i finally have a picture with. both of you owe me coffee. i will claim with interest… next year!

with AL and UL at the festival site. i need to remember to get their address and somehow send them pictures of the festival.

with MN and AL from the band. it was the third day and i am listening to them sing kenyah songs at the penan hut. there was a small crowd and they told stories about living in the forest.

with SG who i meet every year at the festival. as you can see, we got hold of a bunch of the purple balloon things.

and presenting, a RWMF first timer, NY! he only made it for the last night, but he choose the best night to come.

SG’s creation. i am not sure if this is obscene or artsy or just weird.

the band line up for the festival this year is not exactly something to shout out about. my sources tell me that they are trying to get back to the traditional roots this year, but you know what, for so many years, RWMF had evolved to include more and more fusion elements. any while i agree that we need more culture elements, stripping robust beats too drastically may not exactly be the gentlest way to do this.

two sides from two different pairs of slippers. got no idea how it got to our hotel room, or where the other sides are, or why it happened to be that way, or who brought it in.

AJ says its just something that happens.


7 thoughts on “the year i followed a band

  1. i agree with u magic.. the mc sux all time. by the way, it’s great to have u with us during the whole week. the festival brought $$$ to sarawak, but i still wonder is the festival itself achieve it main objectives?? do the crowd really appreciate those traditional music from around the world??

  2. Hi there! Thanks for popping by my blog. Mucho appreciated. You asked the right questions. Do these people really appreciate the music or it’s just another excuse to party like gila in the rainforest? I wonder if the RWMF is moving further away from its main objectives. You are so spot-on when you say that there are different types of people who attend the RWMF. Some people just don’t care what music is being performed as long as they can get up, get drunk, get crazy, go boogie-woogie all night long. At times I think the music’s already in their heads. They don’t need to come to RWMF at all to do all that. You know what’s saddest? My Kuching tour agent used to email us and tell us about RWMF packages and ask if we’d like to join each year. Now they don’t even bother! Either there’s no more hotel rooms or they just want to sell to the overseas guests first before they release to Malaysians. So much for Cuti-cuti Malaysia.

  3. u had a super duper week in Kuching. I would love to go down to celebrate this festival too some day but the timing hasnt been too good for me.

  4. Shucks, missed out again. Nice photos. My sis was there, must get the run down from her soon. Was in Paris over the same weekend and thought of your stint there earlier in the gloomy weather. We had fantastic summer weather!

  5. Darn, been planning to go for the past 2 years and still I’M NOT THERE. At least I’m getting geographically closer each year…

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