garden gnomes

garden gnomes. this is one of the first unfamiliar sights i encountered when i touch downeded in europe. i was in a metro from munich airport to the city and caught sight of this at a stop on the way.

we don’t have a culture for garden gnomes back home. we got all sorts of other ornamental stuff, like frogs or swans and stuff for feng shui purposes but no gnomes.

my only knowledge of garden gnomes are from fairy tale books that i read as a kid. i learnt that garden gnomes are a german thing and gnomes symbolise helpfulness and the gnomes are said to come alive and help with the gardens at night.

but gnomes are also known to be the object of pranks. another german thing. i don’t know if i understand it well enough, but it is something about stealing the other guy’s gnome and making it reappear somewhere else.

sounds like fun, kan? i am so going to put a gnome when i get my own garden nanti. sorry la, gambar is taken from jauh. i don’t think it would have been very polite to climb into people punya garden to take a picture of their gnomes. nanti they think i’m trying to steal it pulak.


2 thoughts on “garden gnomes

  1. If you visit UK sometime, there’s a Gnome World somewhere in Surrey where a complete Forest is taken over by miniature Gnomes in nooks and crannies, under fallen tree logs, wishing wells etc. Truly bizarre and slightly tacky..but a visit is free. I counted over 200!

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