if you never change your mind, why have one? ~ edward de bono

just got back from a conference on thinking last week. as intellectual as it sounds and as glamorous as it tries to be, i came away with a slightly disappointed impression that it leaned a tad over on the academic side. of course, the question is if this is a problem at all. it was organised by an academic institution after all. this entire post could turn out to be just me throwing a verbal tantrum.

but i realise a lack of practice. not absence however, i must say that there are a number of industry participation as well. it is just my unresearched perception that too much academic thinking can be psychologically and socially unhealthy.

but hey, pit me against the brains of howard gardner and tun dr mahathir and tony buzan and kevin warwick and edward de bono, and i respectfully zipped by gob, sat on my hands and listened. and for the inspired moments when my wandering mind decided to linger within the halls of the KL convention center, i found myself time and time again impressed by clever lines that i will attempt to use in my everyday preaching.

i had a poster paper on photography accepted for the conference and i spent many idle hours watching from afar the kinds of people who stopped by my presentation panels. from just this observation, i can deduce the following obvious conclusion: people like pictures more than words. while i am sure that the other posters presented immensely ground breaking discoveries, my collection of forty pictures caught an ever passing crowd from those with striped ties and shiny polished shoes, to those drenched in the latest elizabeth arden fragrance, to workers emptying out the recycle bins nearest to my panels.

and here i am constantly asking myself, what were they thinking? (duh, it is the thinking conference after all)

if you have read up to here, i know that you are expecting some smart alec remark on how the whole conference was a complete waste of my time. either that, or some funny politically questionable but grammatically perfect three-line sentence about how all the great thinkers of our generation are at some stage of age related baldness.

or maybe you just want an explanation of the photos on this blog post, especially about the one or two that made you excited this fine monday morning. i guarantee you that i personally snapped these shots and that none of the photos has been edited or modified in any way.

i am not sorry if this disappoints you (which you probably won’t admit anyway. one plenary speaker at the conference told me that people who browse blogs are narcissistic like that), but you will need to make your own mind up (that sentence is supposed to be neutral and thus save me in case ISA decides that some of the pictures are not funny enough).

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