the people we meet

and that is my guide in barcelona and he’s every bit as a hippy as he looks. he’s from a different tour company, but they also offer free tours for the cheapskate traveller. the way the tour is conducted is basically the same but this guy is more casual than the other company. casual is not a bad thing, though. since the group that gathered for the day were mostly young and curious, we moved at a very relaxed pace.

lupa pulak nama mamat ni.

that’s me with some of my roommates (claire and lilian – both on the right) who went on the barcelona free tour. i found out that the tour company is actually on facebook too and has pictures of us on their photo page there also.

my roommates in barcelona were an unforgetable group of people.

the dorm had eight beds and the thing is, i spent quite some time in barcelona and i met many roommates who came and went.

thing was, there were these other three guys who stayed almost as long as i did and we introduced and reintroduced ourselves to new roommates over and over again.

the three guys are spanish, one of the canary islands (see oscar – i remember!!!) and the other two (fernando and pablo) from a district near madrid. i had the funniest time testing my barely developed spanish with them.

oscar, if you are reading this, i hope you’re having fun in barcelona and have found a job already! :)

escrida is left. deretcha is right. i will not forget that. i just hope i got the spelling correct.

two of the guys speak very little english but they were just the funniest. they gave me some spanish mp3s which i know i will never completely understand.

now you tell me – doesn’t the guy in the baju belang nampak macam edward cullen from the twilight movie?

i met these girls for two evenings in barcelona because we’re supposed to go see flamenco together. the one on the right is italian. the one on the left is spanish. thing is, we needed a foursome to get the tour group going and after two days, it never happened. instead, we spent the evenings by the fountain talking about everything from rome to art to boyfriends.


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