la dolce vita

in rome. have not been writing a lot because the internet is a long story and will cerita when i get back next week. some of you might already know of my first day drama in rome. for those of you who don’t, well, it was not pretty and it resulted in a very tiring two days. anyway, i am settled now. my hostel is noisy, but at least the location is great.

i like rome. i like how there is something to see around every corner. i absolutely ADORE gelato and eat it everyday. weather is crazy hot! the italians are really animated in their conversations :)

just to rub it into some of you who may be reading this, i was at the EUFA champions league festival yesterday. manchester united versus barcelona in the coluseum in a coupla days and MU is going DOWN! even the barcelona booth is so much more popular, seriously.

got to go now. i got this dumb timer in the middle of my screen. free internet. limited to 15 minutes only. bah.

much love.


4 thoughts on “la dolce vita

  1. Hi Maj,I have postpone my going back till next weds due to a fever and sore throat (!!) and do not want to risk being quarantined in HK airport. When you get back? Must catch up over dinosaur?

  2. i missed all the excitement of yr trip. Reading these Italy posts is so exciting. Thru yr writings I can sense a little of how it mus have been like. Post more pics soon. Now that u r back in M’sia with internet easier post pics! Just cant wait :)

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