grazie, roma!

the people at the hostel am staying at is weird. well, i am not sure now if ‘weird’ is the right word. they are different from asians, definitely. i suppose to them, i am the weird one.

i find myself constantly lost in rome. and i am not being metaphoric here. i am sesat. for some strange roman reason, the roads here are not built entirely parallel. some of them are in triangles. giant triangles. and trapeziums. super enormous ultra giant trapeziums. it confuses the hell out of me and even with a map, i get lost.

omg, my map is so damn koyak and tatterer from opening and folding it so many times! ;P

despite all that, i like rome. and while it scares me, i like getting lost. there is something to see everytime i turn around the corner and things get interesting like that. i don’t think any traveller would dispute the wonders of getting lost ocassionally. it is the act of trying to locate where you are on the map so that you actually kow what you are looking at – not is sticky.

and finding your way back after that. hah. that gets funny too. especially when you’ve been walking and walking and walking all day long!!!

there is a crazy party scene in rome. while i am curious, i don’t think the pub crawl in rome will see me enlist this time around. i have too many roommates coming back at ungodly hours doing or having done stupid things. this australian girl had too much limoncello one night and bought a loud speaker @ hailer and started honking everyone on the streets. no, i don’t think that is hardcore. 10euros on a hailer that tips your baggage allocation on the plane? dumb.

she ended up leaving the hailer behind at the hostel when she left.


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