gelato saved my life

gelato. italian gold, i tell you.

i have a feeling that i am going to have gelato withdrawals when i get back home. sigh, it’s so expensive back home – good gelato, i mean. about RM6 a pop? thereabouts. its 2euros a cup here, and the cup is piled like it purposely wants me to make a mess of myself.

i know, i know, 2euro is like almost ten bucks back home.


we’ll just have to see if that argument still stands when i go from poor backpacker to poor writer when i get home :)


2 thoughts on “gelato saved my life

  1. i miss gelato… i used to had it everyday *for about a week* when i was in italy 2yrs ago… i always get the euro 1 gelato for 2scoops =p

  2. smallest gelatos in rome went for 2euros. i was in rome for six days and i had eight cups of gelato! :)

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