last day in barcelona

and the sun is shining. the thing about the sun here is that it is super strong, super bright. what makes it dangerous is the constant mediterenean wind that blows, so you actually feel cool while getting serious sunburns that you only notice about six hours later. did i already mention about the red human beings walking about the hostel. yes, that is the aftermath. i cannot understand why people would do that to themselves. i have roommates giggling all evening about how much it hurts while applying lotion. then today, they´re off to even up the tan at the beach.

i think i will go to the beach today. but no, you won´t find me grilling in the sun. duh. i will be in one of the beachside cafes. enjoying chilled drinks. possibly eating a paella, finally. i know, i really should have had one by now.

a coupla days ago, some spanish roommates saved some spanish hiphop and pop mp3s in my player, which is interesting. not that i understand a lot of it, but i can make out random words and that makes me feel strangely happy. i realised that if people spoke slowly, i can actually pick out some nouns and verbs and understand what they try to tell me. my own spoken spanish is a grapple of words that are usually wrongly conjugated so no hope over there. i find that people here appreciate the effort tho.

paella. yes, i can cross that out of my to-do list now. people say it is something like briyani. my verdict: someone lied. it is NOTHING like briyani. the rice is different. the seasonings and herbs are different. the meats are different. the cooking method is different. in paella, the strong ingredient is saffron. personally, i found the paella disappointingly so-so. i know. i was actually hoping to be wow-ed. but no. i think it’s the rice.

well. been there. done that.

in case there are no more updates from me, it means that i have flown to rome and don´t have internet over there. i´m supposed to, though. but that´s what they said in paris too, and meanings may get lost in translation somewhere again. my flight is at 11.30am, but the airport i am flying from is so far out of the city, i´ll actually be heading to the bus station by 7 something. i learnt that that is one of the reason wht the LCC flights here are so freaking cheap – they fly from airports that are so inaccessible and take forever to get to. i expereinced this at both paris and barcelona so far. i would not be surprised to be taking a two-hour bus ride into rome tomorrow.

i will be meeting with some italian photographers on thursday. SL, i know you stalk this site, and yes, they have made contact. they gave me a description of a place in the middle of rome to meet. at the moment, i am 90 percent sure i will get lost. and it has only just occured to me that i have no idea how any of them look like and they have not seen me either, so we might have a problem there. but i am sure we will figure things out. plus, i hear that italians have a big sense of humour. well, more than the french anyway :P

so, until i find another internet connection somewhere, this is me, heading out to the beach, yar.

2 thoughts on “last day in barcelona

  1. Hiya..Roma already. so fast eh..and there we were planning your journey over a dinosaurus maximus a few months back. Just look out for 2 dark handsome a piazza on a Vespa, or two.

    Or you can google their websites and see if there is a mugshot. Hasta La Vista..bebe..

  2. waa…travelling and still got so much time to write. wa very envy luu.
    aren’t u exhausted? you still sound chirpy chip chip

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