those who look for the laws of nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator. – antonio gaudi

“picante” means pedas in spanish. an no, the spanish don´t like picante. i told some of my roommates last night about my grandfather, who would not touch his rice if there is no picante fish curry. they don´t get it. they tell me that picante is bad for the stomach. you know what is bad for the stomach, from my point of view? eating hard bread and ONLY hard bread with the teensiest scraps of cold meat and sour salad leaves for days and days and days. i simply cannot imagine how or why poeple would do that? i might have complained about this a few days ago, but i really don´t understand how people can go on without hot food.

figures, these people think that we´re weird too. i met a bulgarian struggling actor while i was in paris and he was arguing with me on soup. why do asians put soup on their noodles. why do asians drown their noodles in soup. the just does not get the idea of noodle soup. of course, he spent the evening eating an enormous brick of stinky cheese, so who am i to argue with the dude.

i miss noodle soup :__(

it is my third day of my cili mission. i´ve been scouring the supermarkets of barcelona to look for cili powder. or cili sauce. heck, i´d even take fresh cili or dried cili and pound my own paste with the hostel´s can opened if i have to. so far, there are none. no tabasco sauce either. even the soya sauce here is super mild – i tasted the bottle my roommate bought yesterday. i know, i know, why am i tasting soya sauce. i just needed something to make sure that my sense of taste has not died over the past two weeks.

i found a grocery story with a chinese owner this afternoon. no, nothing picante either, but i found hoisin sauce. you have absolutely no idea how close i got to juts buying that bottle and dipping my bread in it. oh sigh.

i went to the sagrada familia today. if any of you come to barcelona and because everything is so expensive, would pay for just one tourist attraction, it has to be this one. it has all of the gaudi-ness you want to absorb while in spain but is different because it is still a work in progress. today, the sagrada familia is a construction site, really. but a construction site that started in 1882 and according to some people, will go on for the next twenty years, at least. it is really, watching one of the most artistically endowed churches being built and it really is an amazing project. the art. the architecture. the technology. the harmony the designer had with nature. it really is something. and how the site now is in the middle of a project that may span in total, over two hundred years, and the generations of architects that work on it. yes, this is cool.

i will backdate pictures when i get back in less than two weeks.


One thought on “those who look for the laws of nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator. – antonio gaudi

  1. i was just gonna say… go eat pasta with tobasco sauce…. but never mind…

    back up plan – chorizo. paprika. hungarian goulash.

    surely no self respecting traveller will let cuisine be the death of her!!

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