everyone wants to understand painting. why is there no attempt to understand the song of the birds? – pablo picasso

sunday afternoon in barcelona and the city is like a freaky movie scene. the part where everything becomes still and silent just before it erupts into some moster eating people scene with a lot of CG effects and explosions and helicopters gushing through a smoky sky.

pardon my sudden over active imagination.

all the shops are closed. all the cafes are empty. there is no traffic on the street and the only poeple i see outside and uncounscious on patches of grass, not always shady.

told you it was like a spooky movie scene.

i know that i´ve been writing a lot about what´s up with me these past few entries… wel, isn´t this the purpose of the journal? anyway, i though i´d let you all in a snippet of the places in barcelona for a bit.

my hostel is a little bit off town, which is a good and bad thing. good, because the middle of barcelona gets muy loco whenever there is even the slightest reason to throw a party. it is football season so you can understand the insanity that happens here. all this is really fun to watch and i spent the whole of yesterday at plaza catalunya and las ramblas surrounded by crazed barcelona fc fans.

but the noise. the riots. the overly euphoric intoxicated human beings. oh. my. god. in a country where you can buy a litre bottle of wine for the price of a can of coke, someone really should have seen this coming. even at my distance, the horns blarring and the people screaming for joy on the streets can still be heard.

and bad because it is a good half an hour walk to the city. it is not the bad kinda walk though. there are lots to see and alot of shady sidewalks and benches to rest. i walked everywhere these three days where the weather has been both hot and windy which is weird for me. i am cold and i got a slight sunburn.

i was the gotic barrios of the city. the many plazas. went to the port. saw the gaudi architecture. but what i loved most of all are the street performers and i am never ceased to be amazed by the musicians, the comedians, the costumed performers, the painters, the break dancers, the jugglers, did i mention the musicians? these people are the soul of barcelona and absolutely brings the city to life. and people appreciate these things over here. they stand about to watch. they dance. they give loose change to support these artists. everyone is happy.

flamenco is cool. i saw a performance yesterday. i personally would not try it because it looks so painful on the heels. but this only means that i have so much more respect for those who do the dance. it is really quite amazing.


3 thoughts on “everyone wants to understand painting. why is there no attempt to understand the song of the birds? – pablo picasso

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  2. no photos now. this place has bree internet but not allowed to plug anythig into the hd. my mp3 player that requires a usb port to charge dah lama dah mati :P

    will backdate photos when i get back yar.

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