curiosity killed the cat… but didn´t satisfaction bring it back?

i realize that there are two completely different ways to see barcelona. one way is to see all the artsy places, the beach, the weird architecture and the meditereanian food by day and sleep by night because all that walking takes a serious toll on the soles of your feet. and the other is to join in the fiesta and party all night long, you know, tapas, sangria… and sleep by day. which is what half my dorm mates did for the past four days straight. they´re upstairs sleeping right now. they came back at 10am this morning. here´s the cake: TODAY is saturday. i don´t expect to see them till monday.

but this is not just any saturday, i have been told. it is football saturday. barcelona is not playing, but barcelona is rolling out the barrels of beer to celebrate anyway. you see, real madrid plays tonight. if madrid wins, they will play barcelona tomorrow night and there will be a giant street party tomorrow night. TETAPI!!! if madrid LOSES tonight, barcelona automatically wins the championship and the party will be tonight.

and warga barcelona are very optimistic people. either way, i have been told, barcelona will win. everyone is standing by to party either tonight or tomorrow night. the party will be at plaza catalunya and everyone is invited.

i am curious.

but i have also received warnings. things may get violent. they usually do. its not that everyone suddenly go about breaking things. but some people with a little too much happy juice in their systems do and will. riots give fiestas a bad name. intoxicated people give anything a bad name. i was at las rambla yesterday and there was a street DJ spinning and people dancing in the early evening. then came a few drunkards that interupted everything and refused to leave. there was a fight. people rolling on the floor and all.

so, dare i kill the cat?

the sun is up but it is windy and its cold. i am confused. do i bring jacket or not? i am looking at locals walking about in bikinis and here i am shivering. of course, they burn themselves until they are quite bright red and there are quite a number of red human beings walking about this hostel even. it is ugly, it really is. i can´t imagine why they would do that to themselves.

i took in the free walking tour yesterday which is interesting but i kinda wish they showed me more. oh well, it was free after all. my plan for the day is to visit one of gaudi´s work in progress, which has caught my attention for the past few days. in the evening, i think i will look for a toned down watering hole somewhere at the edge of plaza catalunya to see the game. i want to see the fiesta.


3 thoughts on “curiosity killed the cat… but didn´t satisfaction bring it back?

  1. fiesta must go! somemore football fiesta in a football city!

    just go find the most boring section of the crowd, probably with alot of aunties and uncles, and watch the maddening section la

    ps – biasalah gweilos are always partying. they can afford to. and yup red humans are actually scareeee

  2. i was in my room when the party started to get crazy at midnight and even though i´m staying at the edge of the city center, i can hear the whole thing happening and the drunk party horn blarring. even in the street in from of the hostel, there are people screaming – and i mean screaming – and playing crackers and blarring horns and SCREAMING. it went on until 6am.

  3. and no, there were no places with a subdues aunty and uncle crowd. most cafes closed early because nanti kena vandalised by drunk party people. thr riot police were out manning the scene.

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