the rain in spain

¡hola chicos!

i am in barcelona, and before you ask me to slap on the sun block – it is raining. so no, the rain in spain does not fall mainly on the plains. there is nothing plain about the location i´m staying at. i am smack in the middle of the city, a walk from all the places and according to the reception desk girl, down the road from the bull fighting stadium.

no, i´m not going to see the bull fights. that´s a matter of principle. but hey, good to know.

the place i´m staying at is cool. anywhere with free internet is cool, so you fans out there can finally expect regular updates from here.

one thing i want to write about at this point is that i am actually glad that i was in munich, then paris, and then barcelona. it just feels like one is an orientation to the other. take the metro subway lines for example. in munich, it is all super organised and almost bilingual. in paris, it was all over the place, a complicated sort of organised and jangan harap that it was bilingual. in spain pulak, it is completely up to your gut instincts and i´m moving in random directions completely on the basis of probability. i got lost like a million times in the paris subways and i think i´m going to be doing the same in barcelona too.

first lunch in barcelona in a cafe near the hostel. tuna. it is cheap, but not great. it is unlikely that i would eat there again.

the girl at the reception desk says that the sun will be up tomorrow.

ps. it´s a nice kinda weird to type on a spanish keyboard. the punctuations are all over the place and there are two extra keys next to the letter ´L´… that´s the letter ´Ñ´ and the letter ´Ç´… :)

¡hasta luego, amigos!


One thought on “the rain in spain

  1. Welcome to Barcelona! Glad you made it.

    The girl at the reception sounds like fun.

    Have a tapas pulpo on me and chill out on the Ramblas in the evening. There’s a piazza off the Ramblas somewhere with a nice fountain and some cafes. If you are feeling adventurous ( you must be!) take the funky train up to Montserrat monastery where you will discover moonscape mountains and the famous Black Madonna of Monserrat). Can do in a morning.

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