walking in the rain in paris

it’s day three in paris and it is still raining and dark and cloudy.

determined not to be defeated by paris, i decided to walk in the rain. i know what you are thinking. how romantic. it is paris and i’m walking in the rain. i don’t blame you. if i were sitting in your nice and comfy twirly office stools, i would be thinking the same thing too.

but here it is people: there is nothing romantic about walking in the rain in paris. i can’t take photos and seeing the homeless people on the streets crouching over tattered umbrellas in this weather totally kills me. i was thing one old begger yesterday holding his two dogs tightly, the three huddled together under a worn out red umbrella. his coin cup gathering rain water as people walk by, not even looking at him.

i saw the sights, though its in the rain, duh. saw the notre dame. saw saint michel’s monument. saw the lourve. saw a bunch of arches and obelisks and other monuments. walked half an hour in the rain to see the eiffel tower. did i see it? well, i saw the feet of it. can you believe it, after walking half an hour IN THE RAIN, the top of the tower is fogged up and i can barely make out its outline.

le sigh.

did i mention, it is still raining? it’s day three here and it is.


3 thoughts on “walking in the rain in paris

  1. persevere, babe.

    it was sunny for me in halong bay, after 1 week of depressing skies.

    at most go learn a french word and curse the skies. ;P

  2. le sigh! That’s a good one.. Paris is great for street photography in black and white ala Cartier Bresson. How did you eat your wet baguette? Soggily..Onward and forward..allez!

  3. hey magic…so ur walking around europe now eh… wish i could walk along with u…rain or not beb, remember u have reach a whole new continent…enjoy and keep safe yah…


    p.s: life is same old with me…damn busy with work…my department is expanding like crazeee….cheers.. see u when u get back yah ;-)

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