doing that nazi hitler thing is illegal here

it is sunny in munich. now who are all those people asking me to bring a thousand layers of jackets to europe, har? who’s the genuis who’s telling me to bring scarves la, gloves la, and all those things? it is so sunny, it is almost like back home.

two days of meeting here, but plenty of time to walk around. don’t ask me where i have been. i can’t pronunce anything in german and i’m not even going to try because they’re mostly glottal. but i’ll tell you this: it’s nice and pretty here in munich. very much like a first world country, and what i’d imagine it to be.

people here have a chill out attitude. my favourite is the whole thing about being able to just go out and sit and watch people and i would fit right in because everyone is doing it.

saw a bloomed tulip for the first time. does not look like a tulip like those back home. so that’s pretty cool.


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