are we human or are we dancer?

woke up this morning craving nasi lemak. my last nasi lemak bungkus before my flight to europe this evening. tomorrow, i will have breakfast in amsterdam. lunch in munich.

my research for this trip has been different from my preps for south east asian countries. instead of flooding online forums with a zillion questions about here and there, i talked to people. over cold lychee, SL told me about the museums that i had to go while in paris. FS and IF argued whether or not i really needed to go to disneyland. and PA showed me photos of her recent trip there.

my spanish profesora went as far as to burn me a CD of what to see and do and eat and find while in barcelona. she was going to borrow me a bunch of books too, but the whole stack of them got stolen when she was at a clinic yesterday. she gave the clinic nurses quite the sounding and she was still upset about it when i met her last night.

and i will be meeting two super famous photographers while in rome. the kind that take photos that make you cry. or laugh. or make you wrinkle your forehead, stick out your tongue and raise an eyebrow.

my internet gallivanting comprised of surveillance of the influenza. i was whining to the akurians last weekend – to go or not to go or to go or not to go? a weekend of CNN, BBC, NBC, al-jazeera and discovery travel later, i packed my backpack.

but don’t you worry RC, i will be right back for the next prank. why yes, it does involve water, how did you guess?

those who are familiar with my expeditions will be reminded that there may not be any facebook, friendster or email updates while i am away. this blog will be my channel for any communications while i’m on the road. so stay tuned right here ya.

hasta luego, amigos! :)


5 thoughts on “are we human or are we dancer?

  1. dear, wish i could be there for your last nasi lema..

    takpe, i’ll be there for your first nasi kandar back home, allright!


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