RC got drenched at home… again!!!

i know exactly what RC is going to start complaining about – we kenakan him two months before his actual birthday. well RC, can you imagine what we can possibly do to you as the dates get nearer? plus, we did receive a request from YOUR MOM to pull a prank on you for YOUR WEDDING also. can you even begin to imagine how spectacular that one will be?

you’re going to have to walk around with a plastic poncho from now on! :)

photos of RC being splashed. again. this time, no more high quality rubber balloons. we got inside help to fill buckets of water and hose you down.

thanks uncle, aunty and SL! :D

no pictures or video of the execution this time. he he he. let’s just say that everyone had too much fun having a go at RC. you know, it is strange how it is actually so hard to gather everyone for a yamcha session, tapi kalau bab nak kenakan RC, everyone turns up.

can you believe it, when we were meeting for the prank, JT was the first to arrive and VJ woke up and drove all the way from sunway – red eyed and all – just for you. true story. you should be flattered.

the after photos, coming right up!

i know… some of the pictures are ala night vision, but it’s taken from a camera phone. just had to take pictures… next time can show RC punya kids so that they can kenakan their dad. heck, we’ll help them (it will probably be our idea anyway!).

RC, aren’t you so lucky to have friends like us? don’t you feel so special? *hugs!* :D


4 thoughts on “RC got drenched at home… again!!!

  1. hahaha…the first 2 photos are funny..it may not be meticulously planned like the first but executed better with some insider help of cos…he got splashed from water from his own house.

    We should seriously offering our planning & execution skills to North Korea..:)

  2. Next target : Raymond Choy AGAIN!
    Mission : Confidential
    Location : Confidential
    Time/Date : Confidential

  3. uncle & nei:
    shhh… cannot plan here… nanti raymond can read… we will meet on facebook to plan what to do to him next, ok?

    of course you are not *cough* target practice. how could you say that about us? we friend.

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