to know is nothing at all, to imagine is everything ~ albert einstein

there’s this one project that i’m working on, and it is taking forever to complete. it’s not that i don’t have ideas for it, i actually do. it’s just that this one is for a particularly elite audience – and i don’t know what kind of a sense of humour they have.

and to me, sense of humour is crucial. but not just any kind of lawak bodoh kind of humour. i need to know that my audience have a certain level of intelligence, in order to properly appreciate the humour. and yes, i do realise that i can be pretty cynical where this level of intelligence is concerned, but that’s just how i roll, and you really think that i’d switch my style to be more popular? heck no.

yes, some people do tell me that i tend to underestimate the intelligence of a lot of people, but from my perspective, i’d rather be nicely surprised by that, than to resort to stupid jokes. ada jugak people who say that my brand of humour is too sophisticated for them to undertand. my respond to that: too bad.

in my point of view, one really should not be so daft that they don’t get intelligent humour, and one should not be so hoity toity that they cannot see the lighter side of life.

so you can see my predicament. what if these people don’t get what i’m trying to say? can i say it in a more simplified manner – why yes, i can, should i? i want to give this project some style, some flavour, something that says that it has personality. and when i say personality, it means MY personality, duh. could i come up with something straightforward and dry and en punto? of course i can. you don’t need to be a features writer to be able to do that. but man, where’s the fun in that?

so i’m going to do it ala sinatra. i’m either going to hit the mark exactly, or miss it completely. i guess even if they don’t like my work, i’d like it. and kalau takde orang nak syok dengan kerja kita, terpaksa lah kita syok sendiri jer.


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