packing for europe (part 1)

planning a backpacking trip to europe is not the same as planning a trip around asia. PT and i met to exchange notes a coupla weeks ago.

PT, if you are reading this in vietnam: you’d better watch where you’re walking. you’re not the first friend i know who has tripped on the streets of HCMC. and don’t you dare get on one of those motorcycles, faham?!!!

i leave for europe in a coupla weeks and i realise that packing for this one is going to be particularly tricky. since i will be jumping cities via cheap flights and i’m not checking in any bags, my backpack will need to comply with the 55cm x 40cm x 20cm measurements.

on top of that, the airline websites tell me that hand carry luggage cannot weigh more that 10kg. and of course, there is that issue of LAGs. so folks, these rules will dictate all my packing for this trip.

i wonder if packing light for europe is even possible. i’ve been browsing around and everyone’s doing the one-bag thing. it should be early spring by the time i get there in the first week of may – i wonder how cold it will be.

will i need all that fleece i brought with me to america or will a windbreaker do? sweaters, yes or not? sandals, yes or no? sleeping bag (some people kata perlu because hostel beds), yes or no? extendable camera tripod, can or not?

lagi? lagi?


13 thoughts on “packing for europe (part 1)

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  3. yo philters, some tips for packing
    1) not too many clothes/socks and undies: because europe has those heater…so every night, i’ll wash them and leave them on it to dry the next day.
    2) a light jacket that you can pack in your little backpack.
    3) ohyea, one big backpack and one small bag.
    4) get a good lock (TSA certified one) to lock both bags
    5) a multi adapter -RM20++ i think…very useful
    6) a good travel book, i bought LET’s GO (Europe) for RM50 i think…comprehensive and useful
    7) a coin purse -ridiculously useful
    8) sleeping bag??? ahhahaha..not necessary le. depends on what tour u’re going with
    9) i took my slippers and did not use them at all
    10) i kept my extra cash locked in a pouch in my backpack. there are those underwears with zippers that you can use to stash your cash.. (i think can buy in pasar mlm) to avoid pickpocketing
    11)biscuits (those with one packet-biscuit) like IKO. extremely helpful, when you’re always on the go and food is too expensive. energy!
    12)get a small water plastic bottle- anything will do. can refill water everywhere
    13)a tip on bathrooms: when you’re always on the go, remember to stop by any McDonalds to do your business whenever you can coz it’s free. some places charge for toilet use. if you need to use it, coins are useful coz they use that so that’s why, get a coin purse.

    i’ll write again if i remember anything else

  4. solo ke??? how long?
    u know i packed maybe just about 10tshirts and a jacket, and 2 pairs of jeans for 3 weeks…andrew had one big backpack. me one small roller bag. and one small backpack each. so we’ll organize that we only carry essential things on the small backpack. like maps/travel book, biscuits, water. We left the rest of the stuff in the hotel…plus we took the bus for our tour through Contiki….

  5. about 3 weeks also. and my backpack is not suppose to weigh more than 10kg.

    anyone got a guide book i can pinjam?

  6. Phew….. tihtahpah already said what i wanted to say. Well, luckily we went there twosome… so we can share the load. Whereas if you’re going solo… it’ll bit tricky. But just keep to the basic needs.

    Try ask (currently in Melbourne?!)…… she just went to Italy-Eastern Europe not long ago….

    The TSA-compliant lock is useful as Malaysians are alway harassed by imigration officers at every checkpoints.

    The weather now is still cool… prolly around 14-16 C and i think you’ll need a light raincoat with hood and an umbrella is useful. I regret we didnt prepare for rain and was stucked in that Lowengraben Jail Hotel in Lucern. Arrrghhh. It was raining heavily and was so damn cold. But that was early winter.

    I think you’re a more experienced backpacker than us… so the rest of the things should be the same for packing. The lighter the better. Having a WiFi phone will be useful too.

    So where have you planned to go or at least in your itinerary??

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