cat walking

the cat came back from his usual hunt and presented himself on the carpet before us HALF COVERED IN MUD! it lifts one paw in front of me and shivered. J rolls his eyes, picks the cat up and closes the bathroom door behind them. i hear cat shrieks and water splatters next.

five minutes later, the two emerge from the bathroom wet and smelling of shampoo. the cat looks scrawny with its fur wet. J towels the cat. he ask me to pass him the blue thing on the dresser.

the what?

the blue thing.

you mean the hair dryer?

SHHH!!! he knows the word!!!

holding it by the tail, J gives the cat a quick 2-minute run over with the hair dryer.

looking miserable, the cat sits under the dining room fan, drying off. we return to our movie.


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