i got it from my mama

hola chicos!

the week after next is my spanish exam and already, i am thinking of ways to sneak my verb conjugation formulas into the exams. oh, i don’t mind sharing my cheat notes at all, but there are only ocho estudientes in my clase! i’m thinking of writing the normal verbos in the palm of one hand and the verbo iregulares in the palm of the other hand.

knowing me, cakap je besar. i will chicken out on cheating at the very last minute. curse my morally straight and ethically righteous upbringing!!! all my glorious talents in scheming and planning wasted on birthday parties when i should be using these super spy powers to take over… THE WORLD!!!

J says that if only i had a criminal mind, i would probably be banking big time dineros by now instead of taking cheap shots of people around me on my blog.

oh well, nak buat macam mana? i got it from my mama.

the nationals were on over the weekend and i went there to support my ninos and ninas. of course, they looked awesome and performed even better – every single one of them. thing is, most of the kids are still at that age where everything is about having fun, fun, fun. diorang bukan macam kita ni – we take things way too seriously and far too competitively, that we forget that doing things we love are supposed to make us happy, not stressed out.

the mango and strawberry jelly i made for the kids’ easter party last weekend came out a wee bit too wobbly, but because of the bright colours, they swallowed it down and smiled anyway. mom tells me that kids are more forgiving like than.

i got an article to write that i really need to push myself to complete. i had all this semangat enthusiasm when i was submitting the proposal to the editor. now that she’s given me the green light, a bunch of other things suddenly seem so much more interesting.


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