life isn’t weird: it’s just the people in it

spanish class last weekend was the weirdest. that guy i was telling you about is trying to be all apologetic. thing is this alright: now that you’ve messed up your first impression, it is just not advisable for you to ask me out for a drink. in fact, it is not even logical for me talk to you after all that. what, you think that i automatically forget and be all cheery about it?

i got something personal that i need to tell you (he tells me), something i think only you would understand. dude (i told him), you know nothing about me. he must have thought that i was one of those girls who would fling her hair about and skip to the proposition of a guy who wants to buy her a drink. well sorry, buddy. you’d have better chances with some other chick.

and no, saying that we got a ‘connection’ and that i am ‘special’ is not gaining you brownie points with me. i already think that you are creepy so things like that does not improve the situation.

but we’ve only got three classes left together, he moans. and i swear, he moans. kinda like a deep, hollow version of a sissy whine. inside, i am going like, yes!!! only three weeks left!!! and then i would not have to see this freak again!!! – unless, of course, he signs up for the next level of spanish in the following months. but i can change classes by then.

that also mean, i only got three weekends left to my spanish exam. that’s right, no more babelfishing for me. i got to start forming my own sentences no matter how tunggang terbalik it gets. my palabras are not something to pop the bubbly just about yet. so far, i can just about manage numeros and the días de la semanas.

i spent my hora de comer today playing some weird game on playhouse disney online. i kid you not, man. funny yes, haha, but it taught me my colores as yes, i can tell colours in spanish now.

my other verbos and nouns are all over the place. don’t even get me started with conjugations and verbos iregulares if you don’t want to be stabbed by something sharp and rusty.


One thought on “life isn’t weird: it’s just the people in it

  1. i can understand yr predicament a little i think. When i was young, I liked a particular girl so much I became a pest phoning her every few days. Until I got to know her background and saw how incompatible we were. I was a nobody.

    Good luck to him and good luck to you :) but in this particular case, i guess it can’t happen both ways.

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