no hables a menos que puedas mejorar en el silencio

translation: don’t speak unless you can improve on the silence.

ever came across those kinda parents who’s absolutely convinced that their kids can do no wrong? and i’m not talking about proud parents here. i’m talking about delusional parents who are obsessed in glorifying the teeniest tiniest little thing their kids achieve. those parents who genuinely firmly believe, right to the vessels of their heartstrings that their kids are god’s royal blessing upon all of mankind and anyone who has the opportunity to even touch their shadow should consider themselves very, very lucky.

and i am not exaggerating. i met one the other day. teenage daughter has the rudest, el más grosero, most celupar mouth i have even seen plastered between a girl ears, and her mom thinks she’ princesa anastasia espectacular magnífica maravillosa. oh my god, if i spoke to strangers the way that girl spoke to me, my mother would have squeezed a bottle of washing detergent down my throat, even if what i said was true. kurang ajar. but no, instead, her mummy dearest goes on and on about how proud she is of her adorable darling daughter, and can tell me that everyone’s entitled to freedom of expression.

excuse me, aunty ah. freedom of expression? is it me or do i hear gandhi banging his skull in his grave?

well it just so happens that my mom does not read this blog so here’s a message for you, woman. your daughter is a spoilt bitch and a pathetic excuse for an ornamental angel. this person goes around spewing rude comments and pisses everyone off. thing is, i’m inclined to think that since you’re the one allowing your precious princesa here to get away with it, it is actually all your fault. i honestly don’t know how you can be so blinded by what she has become, and lagi mau kata that she is the best thing that we’ll ever lay our eyes on.

please excuse me, ladies and gentlemen. i have to layan a facepalm moment kejap.


3 thoughts on “no hables a menos que puedas mejorar en el silencio

  1. Amen! I know waaaaay too many of these parents. My favorites are the ones who make excuses for their child’s failures: “Oh, she failed that quiz because she already knew all the answers.” What?!


  2. this week i feel like cekik my kid. he is learning to rebel against the school system :( and causing unnecessary attention from the school. :(

  3. coach:
    she failed the quiz because she knew all the answers???!!!!!!! my respond to that would be “oh i gave her an F because i already knew she was an A!”

    they’re reintroducing the rotan back in schools. better tell benghui to jaga-jaga.

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