dime de qué te alabas, y te diré de qué padeces

have i got a mucho grande one for all you lovely folk today!

one of the projects that i had the hardest time working on – you heard me rant about this already a coupla weeks back – finally got published recently. and pardon me polishing my own apples here, but it came out in a BIG way. it was big, it was bright, lots of colour and despite all the people telling me cómo hacer mi trabajo, i was able to please all parties concerned.

well, that is until i realised, almost all.

i got a complaint.

and it is not about some seriously criminal complaint either. in fact, i am still on the defensive a to if it was even a mistake at all. someone did not like a word in my article. a WORD. one single palabra. not a sentence. the paragraph is fine. the word was not even a verb. it was a bloody noun and a completely irrelevant noun for that matter. it wasn’t even in a proper sentence. it was an interjection. if i took out the word, it would not have made the slightest difference in the article.

and the thing is, everyone actually liked the article. all except this one person who did not like this one word – and went on to call me a twisted and untrustworthy writer, in a big way.

and i know i should not be taken in by such a stupid and minor comment – anyone else in my sandalias would have just no hecho caso le, but this particular person is just getting so annoying.

so here it is la, i don’t know what kind of traumatic experience you had with journalists in the past, but i am sure that it is not something expensive therapy cannot prescribe pills for. this particular project has been the bane of my last coupla weeks and the fact that i actually went through with is makes me deserving of a nobel award of some superhuman form.

you have deliberately refused to look at this project and its implications in its totality, and choose to dwell on this one word and make your mind up about a person based on that one word. i have had it up to my collarbones with all your remarks on facebook. and really, it’s come to a point where it really does not matter what word goes there. i might be wrong or you might be wrong. my word or your word would not make a life changing difference to you, me, the project or the world in any way whatsoever. you have failed to see how this project in its totality, would benefit your cause, and how irrelevant that one word is to that project.

so here’s a slice of realidad, just for your very kind information. everyone else loved the project. the pictures. the article. the styling. the composition. everything, and yes, everyone. so you, any your concern about a tiny word which seems to mean the sun and the moon in your entire universe, really does not matter to me. if you really must know, i’ve had good feedback pouring in by the buckets.

consígale n su cabeza – it does not matter, woman!

sigh. maybe coach was right about miercoles after all.


One thought on “dime de qué te alabas, y te diré de qué padeces

  1. Of course I’m right about Miercoles. ;)

    All that fuss over a single word? Sounds like that person has a serious stick up her butt. It appears as if she was deliberately looking for something to ding you on, even if it was as insignificant as a noun. People like that will NEVER be happy and are just looking to take you down with her.

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