no hay que dar papaya – y a papaya puesta, papaya partida

translation : papaya that is served, papaya that is eaten (columbian)

ugh lunes. its not really about the work. i kinda like my trabajo now and i got a new project that i’m pretty bien about. but ugh lunes! getting up early is right on top of the list. prancing about the federal highway traffic jam is another.

ugh, i tell you, there was this one car this morning that just could not make up his mind which lane he wants to be in. thing is, my lane memang moves faster because it goes towards the NKVE. the lane he wants to be in, which leads to KL, is the one jammed, naturally. he uses MY lane, to potong queue into the main lane, clogging up my entire lane because he chooses MY lane to weave about. the cars on the other lane pulak tak nak bagi jalan. why should they, anyway? i wouldn’t. pandai je go on the wrong lane and then nak squeeze yourself in the main lane. you don’t mess with morning federal highway drivers, man. oleh sebab hero-hero like this la that i’m there sitting and looking at a perfectly clear turn off in front of me, block by one idiot who deems himself the genius of the morning.

ugh lunes.

was teaching – oh who am i kidding, showing off is more like it – AA about slow shutters the other night. the whole thing about real slow speeds and movement. the kid inherited a D70 and knows nothing about DSLRs. apa lagi? my few chances to show power. ha!

kinda miss playing tricks with cameras. too much honest photography in my projects nowadays. i personally think too many people take hobby photography way too seriously. they beli thousands of dollars worth of lenses, macam-macam punya filters, accessories, learn perfect manual focusing (fuh yo, skillz!) etc – tapi tak tau main tricks. oh well.

got to meet with FT recently too. the most shocking realisation is that the last time i actually met her was like a year ago? highlight of the night was she and J talking about friends they knew back in their teens. i knew it. everyone knows everyone else in this here town.

kinda makes me thankful that i was a wallflower back in school.

where was i again? oh. ugh lunes.


2 thoughts on “no hay que dar papaya – y a papaya puesta, papaya partida

  1. hi coach!

    its kinda spanglish + manglish a little bit, isn’t it?

    lunes is start of the días de semana. any non fin de senama day is a n extra sarcastic day for me :)

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