how saving the environment can save you money

no matter how much we try to fool ourselves that the economy is happy and dandy, back here on earth, the care bears have been on a kamikaze rampage for months already. and no, this article is not meant to do a whole analysis about sub-primes or bail outs or stimulus packages. i think there are way too many people out there complicating and twisting the facts already.

the point of this article is plain and simple. environmental decisions make sensible and logical economic sense. saving the environment means saving your personal finances.

so here’s the deal: even if you don’t buy the whole jazz about polar bears and melting ice caps, you would buy the idea that using rain water, energy saving bulbs, turning off leaky taps and switching off lights means savings in your bills. and the results are immediate. car pooling means you use less petrol – and we all know how precious petrol is. recycling aluminium cans and old newspapers also pays. i know the amount is not a lot but bak kata pepatah melayu, sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit! :)

in the long term, if whole organisations switch to energy saving light bulbs, it will bring operation costs down. if everyone brings their own bags when shopping, retail outlets can eventually reduce costs to buy plastic bags and transfer these savings over to customers.

the point today is straight up and easy: for cost saving initiatives, turn to simple environmental solutions.


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