one more reason to end the war

this one is an absolute no brainer. there is just too much fighting going on in the world and my personal stand is this: i find it hard to believe that god actually wants us to slaughter each other. it makes life just redundant and it’s plain bad juju to insult god like that. thing is, people die. and that’s not cool.

so here’s one more reason to bring the troops home: war is bad news for the environment. again, a no brainer. weapons manufacturing often involve steel and hazardous chemicals and toxic waste from these factories are usually disposed of untreated into rivers and seas. weapons testing is horrible on the environment. lots of smoke. a lot of toxic chemicals. nuclear weapons testing – dude, i don’t give a damn which desert you’re blowing up these things, they’re still bad news and they must stop NOW.

the price of war has conveniently left out the damages onto the environment out of the tab. why? because they are unsurmountable. decades and decades of ozone and soil rehabilitation might not even be enough to fix the destruction caused by one battery of missiles or one super bomb. and the thing is this: we’re actually fucking proud of it! the bigger the explosion, the larger the hole we can leave in the fucking ground – the better!

campaign. that’s what i want you to do. campaign to lead peaceful lives. don’t be racist. don’t be sexist. don’t step on people’s toes and jaga tepi kain sendiri. we might be at the other end of the world, but whatever happens elsewhere affects us. people die. people suffer. the earth suffers. and yes, as corny as it sounds, the earth dies.

campaign against war. no fighting, please. listen to shakira. her hips don’t lie.


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