it’s getting hot in here

i’m not going to pretend that all happy these afternoons. the weather is either way too scorching hot. or its raining. and i’m not talking about the tropical showers that we are SUPPOSED to be getting this time of the year. i’m talking about the crazy heavy sudden storms that appear out of absolutely nowhere. i know, you’re probably sick of hearing me complain about this, but hey, it’s still happening and i’m still irritated.

i would assume that most of the people who read this are not coal burning, fuel guzzling cement factory owners or yang sewaktu dengan nya. so what can us regular people do to not make things worse?

here’s a few ideas.

reduce. reuse. recycle. the less tress are cut, the more shade there will be for the rest of us. more roots in the ground also means stronger earth structure = less soil erosion. the less carbon we emit from processing new materials also means riches soil compound.

change your light bulbs. energy saving bulbs lasts longer and uses less energy. i know what you’re thinking. what can your one little bulb do against an impending global meltdown? well, not much. but if everyone changes their bulbs – families, friends, neighbors, homes, offices, everyone – then we can make a difference.

use less plastic bags. i actually notice a small, but very very charming revolution in small town subang jaya and i’m actually quite proud of it. i know of some small shops and pharmacies that actually put up signs advising customers not to take a plastic bag is they can help it. and the sales assistants actually say ‘thank you’ if you decline a plastic bag. before the cynics jump on me, i realise that these are just a handful of shops amidst beribu lagi shops that don’t do it. but you know, it only starts with a few to make a world of difference :)

use less air conditioning. don’t give me that excuse that kalau takde air cond, then tak boleh tido. go have a quick cold shower and you’ll be just fine.

plant a tree, keep your grass. you know how some people cement terus their garden with ceramic tiles? well, these kinda things actually contribute to mini floods happening. moral of the story, keep your grass. and don’t come and tell me that you got no time to potong rumput and all. i know for a fact that there is a new species of cow grass that memang does not grow long and tak payah potong. you don’t believe me? my dad just planted our whole yard with the stuff. been a coupla months now and we’re now putting our lawn mowers up on ebay.

dispose of your litter in correct bins and not on the street. while your lame excuse piece of tissue is trying to biodegrade, it slows down absorption into the earth itself and hello, hello? houstan, we got floods!

carpool. you got six friends with cars. you want to go to midvalley, six cars ends up taking up six parking spaces. that’s six extra cars contributing to traffic jams around the federal highway, jalan bangsar and sungai besi expressway. that also means six cars releasing greenhouse gases and burning fuel for no reason at all. get one or two dudes to drive and take turns. we’re still right on the shadows of another oil price crisis, you know.

you know the million other things you should do. turn off taps. switch off lights. collect rainwater. bring your own shopping bags. use public transport. use both sides of paper. don’t print unless you really need to. start your own vegetable patch / herb garden.

thing is, we all know this. you can probably name a zillion more. well, we should start practicing what we preach. i know the common question is what change can one person do? and i’m saying, it really does not matter. i know of loads of people who think that environmentalism is futile simply because the change made by one person is so small. sad thing is, this one thought impedes them from doing anything at all. but it everyone did it, we can actually see a change. if everyone who said it was futile actually got off the couch and turned off that leaky tap, we’d have saved gallons of water.

don’t wait around. do it now. be the change you want to see in the world. gandhi. smart man.


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