swatting the litter bug

DON’T LITTER! i think this is the single biggest problem among us. suka hati je people would be throwing sweet wrappers and cigarette buds all over the place. tissue. there is absolutely no excuse for it.

the dumbest excuse i hear is that it is biodegratable so it is okay to throw litter on the streets. another stupid excuse is that the MPPJ or the DBKL people are paid to come along and sweep it up anyway.

how much more ignorant can people get? don’t you know that in the time it takes to biodegrate or to swept up by someone else, we live in a country where it rains every other day? and when this happens, YOUR LITTER washes into drains and get clogged up. don’t sit there and smile like a stupid, we have all seen how disgusting this gets. it stinks. and you know what is the worst part? the clog causes water to overflow. this causes floods. and i get stuck in a crazy jam on the way home after work.

oh, you are going to blame poor developmental planning for the floods now hor? well dahlink, your trash is not helping the situation either. it gives people more work to do to clean it up. i think everyone has their priorities wrong and it is about time we set things straight. the people in power should figure out how to plan an environmentally sensitive system and stop blaming nature and the crazy weather. and we got to remember to take care of what we do.

come on, it does not take two seconds to find a trash bin. pocket the damn sweet wrapper if you have too, and if you want to smoke, you’d better know how to throw the stub nanti. bottom line is, jangan menyusahkan orang lain with your sampah sarap. i have said this so many times, i am quite irritated.

especially YOU, the one who flings things out of your CAR! you crack your window sikit je, because you’re scared the wind would ruin your hair, the squeeze that piece of tissue out and you don’t even see as it flies out the glass.




2 thoughts on “swatting the litter bug

  1. I picked up a new habit in the last 6 months. Whenever possible, I will opt not to have my purchase items in plastic bags, I’d rather carry it by hand.

    And yes, litterbugs annoy the HELL out of me!

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