tribute to earth hour 2009

if you have not seen my campaign for earth hour, please go to the roof of your building and jump off. don’t worry if the building is not high enough for you to plunge to your death. a few broken bones does wonders for the vision.

in the run up to earth hour, i am going to be blogging about some important current environmental issues that you really should educate yourself with. regardless of who you are and where you are, climate change is an issue that affects you. you really don’t need to live right next to a melting ice cap to see it happening. it is happening here. it is happening now.

and don’t start me on that crap that this is a first world country problem. dare i go as far to say that developing countries should be even more worried about this issue then them? why, yes. because most of us are moving along our industrial period. we’re in denial about our economic problems. and we cannot stop fighting with each other long enough to take care of our planet.

what am i hoping to achieve in the next ten days? i want to drive it into you, the random reader of my writing, that climate change is something that warrants a dramatic change in the very way we live. it stretches onto every aspect of our lives. the way we eat. the way we work. the way we do household chores. the way we shop. everything.

i have published a number of enviromental articles. but this is something we can never tire at doing. whether or not i think that earth hour will make that miracle of a difference, i don’t really know, but i think the effort is worthwhile and the world can really with a bit of awareness.

i am not affiliated with wwf nor the organisers of earth hour. i don’t take payment in any form for campaigns on my blog (read my disclosure policy) because i think that corporate advertising on blogs devalues the medium. i am doing this because i genuinely believe that climate change is a problem and we really need to do something about it.


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