ada apa dengan climate change?

climate change is what you call any significant long term change in earth’s climate and weather patterns. you know how it’s like extra hot outside? and how come it’s like raining like crazy in march? and all that damn flash floods that we’re having? stuck in the office because tak boleh balik. stuck in the jam like we got all the time in the world to kill.

oh sure, we can blame a whole chunk of it on poor planning and all. but seriously, the weather is going crazy. it now seems like ada je someone who is demam because kena rain. inilah phenomena climate change.

the ice age was a climate change phenomena. that raise in temperature that allegedly wiped out the dinosaurs, also climate change. a coupla years ago we experienced the el nino heat wave, yes, climate change. hurricane katrina. climate change. now all that jazz about melting ice caps and global warming, bingo! climate change.

i know what you’re thinking. aside from the demam-demam because kena rain, we are all not that affected by climate change, right? WRONG! suka tak suka, we are affected jugak. suka tak suka, we need to do something about it jugak. why? because unless you can find about rock out there to live on, you got to share this planet with others. this means, orang lain punya pollution IS suddenly YOUR problem. orang lain punya sampah, orang lain punya asap and orang lain punya tumpah IS your problem. and we can sit here and say that it is someone else punya fault. well the reality is, TOO BAD. because we have sat on our asses for so long instead of preventing other people from polluting, we now need to share the burden of cleaning it up.

like it or not, we ALL got to change the way we live now. now i sound so obama, kan? we got to use less energy. we got to actually return to nature. chop less trees. waste less water. turn off taps. turn off lights. we got to speak up. we need to educate. spread awareness. use less aerosols. use less air conditioning. i know what some of you are thinking. how on earth will you survive without air conditioning? and then you’ll tell me that you can’t sleep without air conditioning. well you know what? use a fan and you’ll live. still too hot? open a window. sleep on the floor. have a shower. air conditioning not only releases CFC gases (which contributes to greenhouse gases) but also uses a load of energy.

a coupla months ago, i met an amazing photographer, jim balog, who was responsible for photographing the melting ice caps in the northern hemisphere using time lapse cameras. the result is freaky stuff. you’ll have to take my word for it, man. it is seriously scary stuff. the project is called ‘extreme ice survey’ and you can find details at stunning photography.

so ada apa dengan climate change? let’s put it this way: unless we act to change the way we live, things are going to get worse. and i’m not saying that the future of our children will be screwed. i’m saying that your life, here, now, next year, two years, oh yes, were you actually one of those ignorants who thought that the bad part will only happen in the next hundred years? i’m saying that the weather is already going all freaky and it can get worse in just a matter of days.

make the difference in your life now.


3 thoughts on “ada apa dengan climate change?

  1. this is very real, only powers that’s be ignoring it. If u watched Al Gore video, some even broke down & cried. Me left speechless….

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