el cojo le echa la culpa al empedrado

translation: the crippled blames the cobblestones (spanish proverb)

now here is one thing i just can’t stand – people who don’t queue up. no sista, you’re not the only one having a rough day. and just because you forgot to bring a photocopy your IC, and you leave the line to go to the shop next door to make that copy, does not mean that you can come back fifteen minutes later – just as the queue has moved right to the front of the counter – and expect to reclaim your spot.

for your kind information, some people have taken the trouble to actually read the notice at the office door which lists all the documents we need for the application. and no, looking like life’s just out to get you does not make me the slightest bit sorry for you at all. so you forgot. well, tough. really babe. tough. tak payah la nak argue dengan aku when i tell you to get in line. oh, the line is long? well too bad, darling – because all these people have queued up for far too long to have a flustered chick like you make it even longer.

oh, did i mention that it was me she was trying to cut in front of?

when i did not let her in front of me, she stands next to me grumbling that the girl at the counter would recognize that she was here before. naturally, nobody layan her and she paces about. she walks around the tiny office reading notices and posters. when the line starts to move again, she comes back and stands next to me again.

so we reach the front of the counter and she first tries to cut in in ahead of the guy in front of me. no luck. then just as the guy moves away, i stepped right ahead of the counter and left no room for her. i could hear her grumbling and sighing and pacing about behind me.

i left without looking at her. i don’t know if the guy behind me let her in after me.


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