useful friday morning observations

is it haircut season or what? every other guy – yes, this is strangely a guy season thing – i know seems to be turning up with cropped tops and crew cuts. when FM got a haircut, haha, nice haircut. two guys, yea, okay, cool. three guys, okay, getting freaky. four and five and then six, and suddenly its a phenomenon. is there some men haircut giveaway somewhere? extended thaipussam, maybe? or a trend of clean cut men becoming a new fad or something?

so much for useful friday morning observation.

i found FQ (who also got a haircut!) the other day putting on his tie at 5.30pm. i asked him if he was on the way to a meeting or something. nope, he was on his way home. then why the tie? because if he kept the tie in his pocket, it would get crumpled on the way home. yup, the tie does not get crumpled sitting on his desk all day, you see.

i know. more useful friday morning observations.

J told me that AA told him that we are all different people at different stages in our lives. schizoid ish, i know. in effect, we are all really a collection of people, all rolled into one. for better or for worse, the people we meet, and the people we surround ourself with affects us.

this is where you groan over the use of the word “effect” and “affect.” i spent the longest time trying to explain the difference to some team members the other day. it was a most entertaining experience.

so the people we meet changes us. evolves us. right. so it’s not my fault that i’ve evolved into a lame humoured, sarcastic excuse for a spanish drama princess (“queen” just sounds so old, dahlink). its the people, dammit!

dribble. dribble. dribble.

i got a press conference to attend now. time to go save the world.


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